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Cut the Fluff

Scout has hair, not fur. What does this mean? It means she needs haircuts. Understand this. I have three sons. I don’t DO fancy hair. Just check out my own always short hairstyle on the home page. Ribbons, bows, tiaras. Interesting and pretty but not real functional at the dog park.

There's a dog under there.

There’s a dog under there.

Scenes, action, dialog, and characteristics exist for the advancement of the plot. If they do not advance the plot, cut them out.

Not sure? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you really need it?
  • Does it propel the story?
  • Does it strengthen the character?
  • Does it entice the reader?


  • Are you simply showing off your prose?

It may break your heart to cut it but the story will be much more comfortable without it.

I give Scout her haircuts. She doesn’t seem to mind. Then again, she has been journaling more than usual.

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary…

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