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Try Something New

Giselle and Bertie just want to know how she go there.

Bertie and Giselle just want to know how she got there.

Scout is half terrier by DNA but all terrier by temperament. You know what I mean by Terrier, right? They’re that independent thinking, scrappy little breed whose sole purpose in this world is to hunt down the undeserving and shake ’em until their necks snap. Yeah, the ‘go to ground’ fighters whose personalities always out-weigh their body mass. Terriers!

Sometimes Scout takes a break from planning world domination and enjoys a change of aspect.

It’s a good idea to do that in writing as well. We can get too comfortable, too complacent, and start writing to our own personal formula. In that, I think, lies the death of our passion.

I’m not saying you should give up on your series of dystopian, paranormal YA and start writing picture books. I am saying the exercise of writing a picture book, or dabbling in poetry, or switching from first person to third person omniscient narrator may help you discover something delicious, new, and fantastical in that novel.


“There are no bones up here.”


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