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Take a Bath

Are we done yet?

Are we done yet?

Scout and Nelson don’t like baths. A trip to the tub elicits the most woeful dog faces you have ever seen.

So how did I learn the bathing trick from them? Let’s put it this way. My dogs don’t like ‘official’ baths. But if there is a stream? A pond? A pool?  A stinking mud puddle filled with unrecognizable refuse and new sprung algae? They revel in it. Wallow. Slosh, splash and douse. You never saw such joy!

They emerge dripping and stinking. They become coated with odd things. They will require an ‘official’ bath later, but in the meainteime, they have let go.

It’s the latter part of the lesson I take away. Baths delight. Baths invigorate and restore.

I have come up with so many story ideas, plot twists and brilliant solutions to structure problems while in the tub (and the shower) that I found waterproof notebooks!

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